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Bovada Sportsbook 9.5/10

One of the best online sportsbooks for underdog odds to make money wagering on is Bovada.LV. This top online sportsbooks player has long been known to have the most user-friendly layout, so easy your great grandmother could navigate point spreads. Bovada’s top online sportsbook reputation is unmatched in terms of reliability with the fastest and easiest payouts in the game. The widest array of online gambling odds are also available with wagering available on every event from all parts of the world. The football gambling lines are also quite favorable for players looking for underdog value.

Sports bettors are unable to use or trust any another online sportsbook. The drawback to Bovada is that the linesmakers release their odds late to try an get as much important information as possible. Despite this fact the gold mine in Bovada’s lines are the heavy underdogs. A +140 moneyline underdog at another online betting site might be as generous as +200 at Bovada. Because of this many sharp professional sports bettors use Bovada as their #1 option for making money.

The big fish always favor Bovada over other top online sportsbooks because of their ability to take large sums of cash. A gambler can deposit as much as $50,000 at once through Bitcoin at this gambling giant. The everyday gambler can also benefit from Bovada’s sig-up bonus that offers up to $250 to wager with on as little as a $1000 deposit.

ESPN2 News Best Online Sportsbooks Rankings

Reliability: 10/10

User Friendly: 10/10

Online Gambling Odds Single Wager: 9/10

Online Gambling Odds Availability: 7/10

Sign-Up Bonus: 7/10

Maximum Wager: 10/10

ESPN2 News Best Online Sportsbooks BOVADA Rating: 9.5/10