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Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are at long 30 to 1 2015 Super Bowl Betting Odds

Expert Sports Picks: 2015 Super Bowl Betting Odds have been released with Seattle, Denver and San Francisco as the favorites to win next year’s Lombardi Trophy. Denver’s defense will need some fine tuning while Seattle and San Francisco will slug it out in the vicious NFC West division that has earned the nickname “Group Of Death.” ESPN2 NEWS Expert NFL Picks staff broke down some of the other “live” contenders in the betting  field.  2015 Super Bowl Betting Odds have Denver listed at +550 moneyline on the 2015 Super Bowl Betting Odds at BOVADA SPORTSBOOK

ESPN2 News Expert NFL Picks Analysis: Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers are very real contenders despite their 30 to 1 price tag and is our staff’s favorite longshot. Rivers has emerged as a legitimate top-5 NFL quarterback and the defense is among the better the units in the league. Chargers division rival Kansas City went 14-2 during the regular season while adjusting to first year coach Andy Reid’s systems and are being severely undervalued at 25 to 1. Carolina behind Cam Newton and their knockout defense should make some noise if they can hold off Indianapolis and have value at 22 to 1.

As far as the favorites go, Seattle is the best bet to win it all with coach Pete Carroll equipped with a modern day NFL version of Godzilla. San Francisco is a very well-built team themselves but Colin Kaepernick’s accuracy issues as a passer will cripple them. Denver will not be able to do enough in the off-season to fix their defense and contenders New England, New Orleans and Green Bay also will be hindered by their leaky defensive units.

ESPN2 News Expert NFL Picks Plays: Seattle +500, Panthers +2200, Chiefs +2500, Chargers +3000

2015 Super Bowl Betting Odds at BOVADA SPORTSBOOK

Seahawks    5/1
49ers           5/1
Broncos      11/2
Patriots       10/1
Saints         15/1
Packers      15/1
Eagles        22/1
Panthers     22/1
Chiefs         25/1
Colts           25/1
Steelers      28/1
Bengals       28/1
Bears         30/1
Chargers     30/1
Giants         35/1
Ravens        35/1
Falcons       35/1
Cardinals      35/1
Lions           35/1
Cowboys      40/1
Texans         40/1
Dolphins       50/1
Redskins      50/1
Rams           50/1
Jets              75/1
Buccaneers   75/1
Vikings         75/1
Browns         75/1
Bills             100/1
Titans          100/1
Raiders        100/1
Jaguars        150/1

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