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Andre Ward is ESPN2 News #1 Pound-4-Pound Fighter

Andre Ward is ESPN2 News #1 Pound-4-Pound Fighter in the World

ESPN2 News got a chance to catch up with our #1 pound-4-pound fighter Andre Ward as he prepares to face top-20 contender Alexander Brand in front of his hometown in Oakland, California. The August 8th main event from the Oracle, Arena will be Ward’s 3rd fight since his 2 1/2 year hiatus due to managerial problems. Ward, 29-0, 15 KO’s, is the picture of pugilistic perfection and has not lost a fistfight in over 18 years. Brand, 25-1, 19 KO’s, is a purple-hearted free swinger taking a major step up class against “Son Of God” Ward. Andre is not only the best pound-4-pound fighter in the sport but arguably the games best pound-4-pound human. Here is what our presidential nominee for boxing had to say about his upcoming fight on HBO Boxing.

Question: Rumors are swirling that you still have lingering effects from your shoulder surgery and swelling in your knees. Is this true and if it is has it made you adjust your style? 

Answer: I don’t know where you heard those rumors from but they are not true…When you fight in the ring 12+ years like I have injuries occur…I am 100%…

Q: Having been an Olympic gold medalist what do you think of professional fighters being able to fight in the Olympics? 

A: I haven’t really thought about much to be honest…It can go either way really…Some might say it isn’t fair to let professionals fight amateurs…The other side is that pro’s might be at a disadvantage because it is only a three round fight and it might take a pro a round or two to warm up…If a pro is used to going at a slow pace to fight 12-rounds and a kid knows what he doing the pro could easily lose a three round fight…

Q: Do you consider yourself the best pound-4-pound fighter in boxing?

A: I’m not the guy to crown myself…That is for other people to do if they want to make lists and things…

Q: In 2009 you defeated a hard-punching fighter from Denmark named Mikkel Kessler who is similar in style to Sergey Kovalev in that he is gifted fighting outside but limited fighting inside. If you were to fight Kovalev would you rough him up in the trenches like you did to Kessler?

A: I really don’t know…I feel I can adapt to any style but I take things fight to fight…I haven’t had Kovalev on my mind…I’ve had Alexander Brand on my mind…You slip up when you think of anyone but who your fighting…

Q: When you were inactive for 2 1/2 years due to managerial problems did you ever think of quitting?

A: I really wouldn’t call it thinking of quitting but I came close to walking away…I would rather walk away with my head held high than slowly let my career slip away with no resolution…Even with all the lawsuits going on and everything I had friends and people close to me that I trusted and was able to talk to that help me through…I had faith in GOD that thinks would work out…

Q: What type of conversations did you have with GOD during those times?

A: That is a little personal (laughs). Ultimately I knew I would be better in the end…I knew I would be better as a person and as a businessman…Once I got past the retirement talk everything started coming together…They are probably going to write a book about what I went through during those times…It is a beautiful thing being on the other side though…Fighters ask me all the time for advice and to look over contracts and things like that for them…I always tell them that i’m not a lawyer (laughs) but that we can their contract into the right hands to help them out…

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