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Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz II Odds: Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua will run it back for the heavyweight championship after the 25 to 1 betting underdog Ruiz knocked out Joshua via 7th round stoppage. Ruiz, 33-1, 22 KO’s, is only a +180 underdog in the return bout with Joshua, 22-1, 21 KO’s, listed as the -220 favorite. 80% of boxing predictions on Ruiz to win as the underdog in the rematch with Joshua opening at -350 boxing odds. Ruiz came in at blimp-like 284 Lbs. for the rematch while Joshua lost 12 Lbs. of muscle. How will the weight change affect this fight? Is Anthony Joshua an overrated hype job that was exposed in the first bout? ESPN2 News breaks down the rematch.

Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua Odds have Joshua -220 at BOVADA

Anthony Joshua – Boxer: Physical specimen that intimidates through sheer size, power and finishing ability. 6’6″ 250 Lbs. of modern day physical science with a long armed 83″ reach. Huge puncher with both barrels, the right hand holding slightly more boom with a sledgehammer impact. Above-average handspeed used to good effect outside especially with a sneaky hook. Early power is among the best ever seen in boxing but power fades in and out with a highly questionable gas tank. Layers of muscle seem to have an effect of heavy armor weighing down his arms and slowing his movements after intense exchanges. Good fundamental defense but still has not learned how to use reach effectively. Hand placement is suspect with a look of vulnerability to keep the hands up or down. Good chin despite recent knowdowns but might have earned enough paydays to dull the necessary champions hunger to win. Slow feet might be biggest weakness without much footwork skill despite an excellent physique. Won the Gold-Medal but had only 30 amateur fights and limited pro experience despite becoming champion.

Andy Ruiz – Boxer: The modern day “Two Ton” Tony Galento comes forward swing for the fences. Listed generously at 6’2″ the more like 6-footer knows how to use his 280 Lbs. of mass like the sultan of swat Babe Ruth. Ruiz can flat out punch and for a man of his girth he has arguably the quickest hands of any fat man we’ve seen don a pair of gloved Everlasts. Guided originally under Abel Sanchez the influence of being around Gennaddy Golovkin rubbed off. 100+ amateurs scraps of experience shows with a punishing jab to the head and body with unshakable moxie. Knows how to use angles and cut the ring off despite only average foot-speed. Cheap shot artist that can rip blind shots the the brain stem inside or dig debilitating bodyshots above or below the belt. Leaves chin high in the air while going-toe-to-toe but can eat a bomb and continue on like a Danny Trejo-esque California tough guy.

ESPN2 News Boxing Predictions: Expect the shell shocked Joshua to box cautiously outside only to be lured into a war by an out of shape Ruiz looking to end things quick. The tubby champion is deceivingly adept at cutting off the ring and will get into Joshua’s kitchen despite his girth. Once Ruiz gets inside Joshua will be forced to fight in a who gets who first shootout. Both men are likely to be wobbled early but the sharper punches of Joshua will have the more damaging effect. Bet Joshua to reclaim his belt in a wild slugfest via 3rd round stoppage.

Fight Picks: Joshua KO3

Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua Tale-Of-The Tape


Strength/Size: Joshua +1

Height/Reach: Joshua +6

Power: 10/8.5

Hand Speed: 7/7.5

Stamina: 6/5

Defense 7/7

Chin/Resiliency: 7/9

Punch Volume: 6/6

Jab: 7/7

Agility/Balance: 6/6

Bodypunching/In-Fight: 6/8

Bodypunch Resiliency: 7/7

Intelligence: 7/8

Confidence/Focus/Will To Win: Ruiz +1

Cuts/Injury/Age/Inactivity: –

Judges Scoring: Joshua +2

Trainer/Camp: Joshua +2

Bovada Boxing Odds: Joshua -220

ESPN2 News Odds: Joshua -300

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