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Jessie Vargas is a +525 Betting Underdog ($100 Bet Pays Out $625)

The Pac attack returns November 5th to the MGM Grand with the biggest little man in boxing, Manny Pacquiao facing Jessie Vargas for the W.B.O. welterweight title. Manny Pacquiao vs Jessie Vargas Odds have Pacquiao as a big -850 betting favorite with 60% of the early action on the underdog at +525 at The top-10 contender Vargas, 27-1, 10 KO’s, almost turned out the lights of former champion Timothy Bradley in a 12-round decision loss to earn his $2+ million payday against the famous Filipino. Pacquiao, 58-6-2, had a tough rubber match with Timothy Bradley but came away with a decision in his last bout as a -190 favorite. Can the aging legend Pacquiao make quick work of the hungry young challenger? ESPN2 News broke down this crossroads gunfight in the desert. Manny Pacquiao vs Jessie Vargas Odds have Pacquiao as a -850 moneyline favorite

Jessie Vargas – Boxer: The lanky 5’10” Mexican is an average sized welterweight that comes in around 154-155 lbs. on fight night. The righty is an aggressive technician that throws quick combinations to the head or body from a classic stance. Straight right to the body is his weapon of choice but has every punch in the book. A thinking man’s fighter that shows a mental aptitude well beyond his 27-years of age. Tight defense is a product of good fundamentals, hand placement and subtle head movement. Appears to be steel chinned and iron willed having never been down in his 189 professional rounds. Moves light on his feet and can box outside behind a crisp jab. Has a big gas tank and carries his power into the late rounds. Not a big puncher but has no real glaring weakness. Changes trainers frequently and it translates in the ring by trying to do too much rather than sticking with what works. Does not have a signature win on his ledger with B+ level fighters Antonio DeMarco and Sadam Ali his best scalps. Not overly fast or physically strong. Manny Pacquiao vs Jessie Vargas Odds have the fight going the distance at -280  at

Manny Pacquiao – Boxer:  The short-armed 5’6″ Pacquiao is still a ripped welterweight that weighs in at about 148-150 Lbs on fight night. The southpaw’s style could best be described as a whirling dervish that is constantly moving, darting and attacking. The “Pac-Man” still boasts big-time power in his straight-left hand that he sets up brilliantly behind two quick jabs. Manny has evolved from a high-volume puncher to a bomber that can box and counter. The southpaw is slicker than meets the eye with fast feet, eagle ring vision and active head movement. Pacquiao’s most impressive talent is his ability to punch hard from unusual angles. Despite getting knocked out by a possibly “juiced” Juan Manuel Marquez, Pacquiao has always displayed a decent chin. The 37-year old Pacquiao’s once legendary stamina has faded but he still fights with a good motor. Pacquiao’s biggest weaknesses are his balance and hot temper. Pacquiao loads up on his left hand and gets caught out of position frequently. Pacquiao also has a small hole in his defense for uppercuts inside. Has never been the same since Marquez iced him in late 2012.

ESPN2 News Boxing Predictions: Pacquiao by decision 116-111

Manny Pacquiao vs Jessie Vargas Boxing Picks


Height/Reach: 5/8

Strength/Size: 7/7

Power: 8.5/7

Hand Speed/Accuracy: 9/7

Stamina: 8/8

Defense: 8/8

Chin/Resiliency: 8/8

Jab: 8/8

Boxing Ability: 9/8

Agility/Balance: 8/7

Bodypunching/In-Fight: 8/7

Intelligence: Pacquiao +1

Confidence/Focus/Will To Win: Vargas +1

Cuts/Injury/Age/Inactivity: Vargas +1

Judges Scoring: Pacquiao +2

Trainer: Pacquiao +1

ESPN2 News Fight Odds: Pacquiao -500

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