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Brad Marchetti’s Boxing Predictions For The Wilder vs Ortiz Fight Odds

When: 9:00 PM ET

Where: Barclay’s Center Brooklyn, New York

TV: Showtime

For: W.B.C. Heavyweight Title

Deontay Wilder 


230 Lbs. (estimated)

32 Years Old

39-0 38 KO’s

Luis Ortiz


245 Lbs. (estimated)

38 Years old

28-0 24 KO’s



Wilder: 9

Ortiz: 8

The Cuban Ortiz is a massive individual built like a brick s%&t house at 6’4″ with an 80″ reach. The 6’6″ Alabama slamma Wilder has the height and reach edge with an 83″ wingspan but Ortiz is much stronger physically.  


Wilder: 9.5

Ortiz: 9

The only reason the deadly hitting KO artist Wilder does not receive a 10 is because he has to “force” his power. Some guys can throw hard without expending much effort but Wilder must reach back for his heater to get a head of steam. Ortiz has debilitating power in his left but his right hand is well-behind in development.

Boxing Ability 

Ortiz 8.5

Wilder 7

The well schooled southpaw Ortiz is slick, athletic and experienced. Wilder has learned how to use his powerful jab much better under coach Mark Breland but is still underdeveloped and sloppy technically on occasion. 


Ortiz 8

Wilder 7

Ortiz has remarkably fast hands and feet for such a hulking figure. Wilder has fast hands but he gets very wide with his shots making them easy to see. Wilder has decent foot speed but Ortiz is more coordinated and balanced.


Ortiz 8.5

Wilder 7.5

The 38-year old Ortiz might be a shade past his prime but he is cool as a cucumber in the ring and rarely tires. Ortiz carries his power late and tires opponents out with his defense. Wilder expends lots of energy with his powerhouse style but is a well conditioned fighter with youth on his side.


Ortiz 9

Wilder 7

Ortiz has outstanding ring vision and does not get caught with more than one shot at a time. Wilder’s height makes him difficult to target but he has holes in his defense and relies mostly on blocking and moving rather than slipping punches.


Ortiz 8.5

Wilder 7

Ortiz has fought in a boxing ring nearly 400 times and does not give the impression of a man who will fold in the biggest fight of his life…With that being said big daddy Ortiz is already living the good life of  a millionaire Cuban exile and he is 38 years old so…Wilder is a mean, competitive guy but in his fight with tough but under-skilled contender Gerald Washington he looked like he was going to fold mentally several times. Wilder’s elongated frame could also get tested against Ortiz’s body cracks. Both men have stout chins but the edge goes to the guerrilla necked Ortiz.


Ortiz 8

Wilder 7

Ortiz is more tested and that is the bottom line. Wilder for all of his boastful talks of being able to beat a prime Mike Tyson and things of that nature still does not know quite what he’s got. Wilder is younger but Ortiz is more reliable.

Judges Scoring

Wilder 9

Ortiz 7

This one isn’t likely to go 12 but Wilder is more marketable and clearly the A-side to the non-English speaking Cuban. New York crowds like fighters that don’t talk about it an be about it and they could turn on the favorite Wilder after he takes a few of the underdog’s chopping lefts. Ortiz is being offered as a+245 underdog at a bookie nearby…Pro boxing refs don’t make much nowadays and Al Haymon is a pretty friendly guy so Ortiz’s ability to fight inside could be limited…

Gambling Forecast

Should be fun while it last but the stronger, craftier more durable “King Kong” Ortiz should be looking down on Wilder after about 9 frames. Wilder will do his best to stay on his bicycle and box but eventually he will slow down and the southpaw will hammer him. Getting such a good fighter like Ortiz at +245 is a steal.

Boxing Predictions

Ortiz KO 9

Gambling Picks

Ortiz Moneyline +245

Complete Wilder vs Ortiz Fight Odds

Wilder -315

Ortiz +245

Wilder by KO -150

Wilder by decision +400

Ortiz by KO +300

Ortiz by Decision +1000

Draw +2500


“Those fights were set up’s?” -Rocky to Mick in ROCKY III

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