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The main event features the return of former champ (+150) Brock Lesnar vs (-170) Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt (#8). The behemoth fight was moved to main event after Jon “Bones’ Jones was pulled from the card to due to a potential USADA anti-doping violation. It is important to note that this will be a three round main event, not the usual five rounds we are accustomed to. Although this is a matchup of two very capable fighters, it will truly be a spectacle to behold. This is another example of striker versus grappler, with Brock Lesnar being a 2000 NCAA National Champion and Mark Hunt is a 2001 K-1 World Gran Prix champion.

Brock Lesnar (5-3) – is 6’3”, 265 lbs, with a 81” reach, and the largest glove size ever in the UFC. As an amateur wrestler, Brock was a four-time All-American, two-time Big Ten Champion and NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion. He burst on to the MMA scene in  2007 defeating a relatively unknown Min Soo Kim in 69 seconds. His bigger than life persona has certainly transferred over to the MMA world from the professional wrestling at the WWE. He has shown that he does not like getting hit, but can certainly take a beating and still persevere as seen against Shane Carwin in 2010. After having a foot of his intestine removed because of diverticulitis, he lost via TKO to Alistair Overeem in the first round after suffering devastating blows to the body. He said he is returning because he feels he lost to the disease and not to any other man in the octagon.

Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt is (12-10-1) – 5’10”, 265 lbs, with a 72” reach. It is reported that he ha a troubled upbringing, and is now a born again christian. His calm, even-keeled demeanor can be deceiving. Once the cage door closes the “Super Samoan” is an avalanche of destructive force. He has recently been called the “Walk-Off King” due to the several one punch KOs he has inflicted and simply walked away from the downed opponent. His official record is deceiving considering he has fought legends of the sport and fought for the title in Pride and the UFC. He unleashes mortifying punches where he leaps off the canvas with over 265 lbs behind his strikes. Brock Lesnar will strike fear into the hearts of most in this universe but Mark Hunt certainly is not one of those mortal men.

ESPN2 News Bottom Line: We cannot overlook the fact that Brock has not fought in over five years. While Brock is not especially technical in any aspect but knows how to use his size and strength forcibly. He will try and keep a good distance from Hunt and time a takedown for some ground and pound. The challenge here is that Hunt has shown incredible take down defense and an excellent capacity to get back up to his feet. Hunt’s active fight campaign will see him as the fresher more experienced fighter of the two UFC 200. From some of the video clips I have seen, Mark looks physically better than ever. No secret here, Hunt wants to bang, and Lesnar wants it on the ground. As Hunt has said, he does not mind playing “punch face” with anyone. Mark will look to time Brock’s takedown attempts and land his nasty uppercut.

Fight Picks – Mark Hunt via walk-off KO in the second round.

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