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Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr. Preview: Fierce and charismatic knockout puncher Jake “The Problem” Paul makes his return to the ring on August 6th from Madison Square Garden, when he takes on Hasim Rahman Jr. in the biggest test of his career. Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr. Odds has Paul as a -250 betting favorite with 80% of the early action on Paul. The 26-year-old YouTube star Paul, 5-0, 4 KO’s, has a chip on his shoulder, out to prove that he is a real fighter with the 10-rounder against Rahman Jr., 12-1, 6 KO’s, his first scheduled fight past 8 rounds. These two brawlers met a couple of years ago in a heated sparring session that Paul appeared to dominate.

Paul conceded that the sparring session was close but said that his improvement over the past two years will be the difference in getting his hand raised when they run it back. Can Paul handle his first true test against a fighter with advantages in size and experience? Can the natural heavyweight Rahman Jr. maintain his strength having to shed weight with less than 4-weeks notice? ESPN2 News breaks down this battle of hungry prospects with our in-depth Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr. preview.

Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr. Odds have Rahman Jr. at +175 on the boxing betting line

Jake Paul Fighter Profile

Strengths: Bull-necked and sturdy at 5’11 1/2″ with a long 76″ reach. A fast starter that puts opponents on the defensive early with big right-hand power. Launches a whistling overhand right like Shohei Otani throwing a 100 MPH fastball. Dedicated gym rat that has built up the necessary endurance and wind to go 10-rounds. Despite inexperience has a quick-thinking brain in the ring. A poised and focused compeitor that knows how to stay relaxed and follow a fight plan.

A natural athlete with above-average agility and hand speed. Took flush shots to the chin without flinching against a strong man in Tyron Woodley displaying a solid pair of whiskers. Has a secret weapon in hand-wrapping specialist Stitch Duran who can turn an Everlast glove into a leather brick. Self-belief and charisma are reminiscent of a man once called the “The Greatest”, fittingly Paul shares the same birthday as Muhummad Ali.

Weaknesses: Learning on the job without an amateur background. Still raw at the nuances of the game ie; jabbing counterpunching, in-fighting, and combination punching. The right hand is much more educated than the left. Wild bull-rushes make him susceptible to headbutts and cuts.

Walks around at 200 Lbs. but is more of a light-heavyweight than cruiserweight. Keeps hands in a good position defensively but is stiff and lacks head movement. With the exception of 6’0″ Ben Askren his diminutive opposition could fit into his gym bag.

Hasim Rahman Jr. Fighter Profile

Strengths: Has all the physical measurables with cabled arms, good upper-body strength, and a rangy 6’3″ frame that produces a long 79″ reach. “Gold Blooded” has a champion pedigree with former heavyweight king Hasim Rahman Sr. as his sire. An awkward hand’s low style enables him to punch from angles that are difficult to defend. A pesky offensive fighter that mixes up his shots fairly well behind a peppering jab. Dexterous with decent power from both sides of the plate.

Knows his way around the ring with some experience against good fighters. Showed guts to get up from a brutal knockdown at the hands of Morrison. Pretty good finisher that can get rid of a hurt opponent. Brainy cornerman in trainer Calvin Ford who pilots W.B.A. lightweight champion, Gervonta Davis. Fights with a chip on his shoulder like most sons of former champions.

Weaknesses: Was pelted by the only fighter he faced with a heartbeat in a 5th round KO loss to #112 ranked heavyweight McKenzie Morrison. Claims to have had over 100 amateur fights but his 9-12 amateur record listed on boxrec and lack of boxing know-how suggest otherwise. Was outclassed against his best opponent amateur or pro in a one-sided decision loss to fringe light-heavyweight contender Steve Geffard in the amateurs.

Prefers to duel from both a southpaw and orthodox stance but would be better served to learn how to fight effectively from one side. Defense isn’t quite wide open but is well below the standards of a top-level pro. Could be considered “chinny” after getting knocked out by the C-level Morrison who isn’t known as a puncher. Has been past 4 rounds only once and seemed to hit the wall in the 5th against Morrison displaying questionable stamina.

Outcome: How much Rahman Jr. weighed when he got the call to fight Jake is a complete mystery. For the six figures the unknown Rahman Jr. is getting paid the would have sacrificed a limb to make the cruiserweight limit. Rahman’s dedication to the sport has been questioned in the past having ballooned to 269 Lbs. for a previous bout and could be shedding more than 30 lbs. in less than a month.

Expect Paul to wear down Rahman Jr. and blast him out around the 5th frame. Rahman Jr. will come out guns blazing and empty his gas tank under the pressure of the big lights after two rounds. Paul will weather the early storm and take over with his conditioning and accuracy by the 3rd round. An accumulation of right-hand rockets from Paul will drop a wilted Rahman for the 10-count in the 5th and silence critics that dismissed him as a wannabe pugilist.

Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr. Predictions: Jake Paul KO5

Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr. Preview

Paul            Rahman Jr.

✅✅ Speed
✅✅ Stamina
Reach  ✅✅

Fight Particulars

Location: Madison Square Garden

TV: Showtime PPV

Time: 9 PM ET

Weight Limit: 200 Lbs.

Rounds: 10

Glove Size: 10 oz.

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