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Brad Marchetti’s Ratings For Robert Easter Jr. vs Javier Fortuna

When: 9:00 PM ET

Where: Barclay’s Center Brooklyn, New York

TV: Showtime

For: I.B.F. Lightweight Title



Easter 9.5

Being 26 years old is a helluva a thing and the supremely conditioned Easter can still make weight at lightweight at 5’11”. Despite having an elongated frame Easter is very strong and can muscle guys around and impose his will. Has an airplane sized 76″ reach for a lightweight. 

Fortuna 6.0

The stocky little bomber is diminutive in terms of height at 5’5 1/2″ and reach 68″ for a lightweight. Debuted at featherweight but will be making his first appearance at lightweight and looks pudgy. 


Easter 9.0

Easter has highlight real power in both gloved Everlasts. Freakishly strong and rangy with extreme leverage. Easter likes to show his power early to intimidate opponents. Only opponents to last the distance against Easter have been slick, skilled veterans trying to survive in short distance fights. Straight right hand comes with force and velocity of a bazooka. 

Fortuna 8.0

Hard punching southpaw that relies heavily on his looping left. Throws punches outta “left field” but manages to land enough haymakers to keep opponents cautious. Right hook carries some steam but is used most often to counter while in retreat. Has power early but doesn’t carry the same heat late into fights. 

Boxing Ability 

Easter 9.0

Well schooled after 230+ amateur fights and was supremely managed coming up in his first 20 fights. Outstanding athlete that can work at all different ranges. Telephone pole jab is an extreme obstacle for any opponent to overcome. Has only gotten better as he learns how to make use of his reach and speed. 

Fortuna 6.5

Fundamentally flawed and wild at times. Poorly balanced and tries to hit the home run rather than hit for average. Awkwardness, athleticism and southpaw stance are his best assets.


Easter 9.0

Easter has  very fast hands and he knows how to blind opponents with the jab to set up his power. Despite his elongated frame Easter can shorten up his punches and pitty-pat. Skates around the ring with very quick pins and has good balance.

Fortuna 7.5

Throws wide punches but has quick hands and knows how to string them together. Let’s loose flashy eye catching combinations that looks good to judges. Good athlete that can be slick and elusive because of his footspeed. 


Easter 9.0

Relentless dogged competitor that throws lots of punches. Spars countless rounds in the gym and is only getting more used to 12-round distance fights. 

Fortuna 7.0

Fights in reverse which expends lots of energy but makes it work because of his ability to make fighters miss. Missing weight might be an indication of where his focus level and hunger is at. 


Easter 8.0

Gets hit because of the nature of an aggressive style but is hard to target because of sky scraping height. Instinctive with plenty of fast twitch fibers to place hands properly and propel feet where they need to maneuver. Tucks chin nicely and never gets caught out of position. Still improving as a counterpuncher. Tends to negate his height in an effort to score KO’s.

Fortuna 7.0

Rolls the dice with a tricky hand low style but can be oily slick when in a groove. Can make guys miss with the best of them with deft head movement but when he gets caught he gets caught clean. Wide stance and sideways posture makes him fight longer than his height. Cagey veteran that can counter effectively with right hook. 


Easter 8.5

Easter has been hit hard and hasn’t been hurt in his 20 pro fights. Spars with great frequency and chin is always tucked behind broad shoulders. Physically strong, hungry and determined young fighter that fights with the pride of his hometown Toledo Ohio on his back. Has a long skinny build that is an inviting bulls-eye but has never show any vulnerability to body shots. 

Fortuna 6.5

Fortuna could be looking for a nice landing spot after feeling a few rocket shots early from Easter. Has a good chin but takes punches “naked” with hands at his waist. Body punches could be a factor here with Fortuna fighting in the lightweight division for the first time.


Easter 9.5

The prime young lion Easter is poised for a breakout fight and Fortuna’s high flying chin will be an inviting target for the lethal puncher. Fortuna’s face busts up which could also make things even more nightmarish for the little tough guy. 

Fortuna 5.0

Fortuna’s purse isn’t listed but I would imagine he will be leaving Brooklyn with less than 50 grand in his wallet. Pugilism is a dangerous game and for less than 50 large you could get your life taken in the ring. At this point the 9-year veteran Fortuna took this bout to put food on the table but if it were his way he would be eating pork and beating up tomato cans in the Dominican Republic. 

Judges Scoring

Easter 9.0

Easter is the rising star that has Showtime Boxing’s blessing. Judges most likely won’t have to be involved but Easter is unquestionably the A-side and Fortuna is being served on a platter for a bloodthirsty Brooklyn audience. Pro boxing referee’s don’t make much nowadays and Al Haymon is a pretty friendly guy…In-Fighting could be a factor in this one and Easter is likely going to be given the green light to get away with a few uncalled penalties. 

Fortuna 6.0

 If Easter has an off night trying to hard to impress the awkward Fortuna could pull of an unlikely draw with the tendencies of the three judges being involved. Fortuna throws flashy combinations that one judge Julie Lederman particularly likes. Judge  John McKaie prefers aggressors but scores draws often in big fights. Fortuna is a +425 underdog and when gambling is involved…

Gambling Forecast

A blizzard is coming into town to visit the vulnerable Fortuna. Like a shark that smells blood Easter smells fear on Fortuna. Expect a quick firefight with Fortuna getting counted out on his back or knee. A quick look at Easter’s ledger shows a penchant for getting rid of overmatched foes early.


Easter KO1

Gambling Picks

Easter via KO +155 (6 UNITS)

Under 10.5 Rounds (3 UNITS)

Easter KO1 +4000 (1 UNIT)

Draw +2200 (1 UNIT)

Robert Easter Jr. vs Javier Fortuna Odds

Easter Moneyline -650

Fortuna +425

Fortuna via KO +1100

Fortuna via Decision +650

Easter via KO +155

Easter via Decision -125

Draw +2200

Fight Quote Of The Day

“You wanna break me down. I’m scared alright! Once a fighter is scared he’s finished.” -Rocky Balboa in Rocky III

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