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Saturday August 24th in Russia W.B.O. light-heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev will defend his belt against one of boxing’s rising stars Anthony Yarde. Kovalev, 33-3-1, 28 KO’s, reclaimed his belt from Eleidier Alvarez in a return bout after Alvarez had iced him convincingly. The win for Kovalev in the rematch is a testement to the steely Russian’s resolve, the mark of a true champion. Yarde, 18-0, 17 KO’s, is one of the most exciting punchers in the sport, regarded as the United Kingdom’s best young prospect. Can the once invincible Kovalev reclaim a spot on ESPN2 News P-4-P rankings at 36-year old with a win over Yarde? ESPN2 News gives our expert boxing picks.

Sergey Kovalev vs Anthony Yarde Boxing Odds have Kovalev -200 moneyline at Bovada listed on ESPN2 News best boxing sportsbooks.

Sergey Kovalev – Boxer

Strengths: Lanky 6’0″ frame helps him create leverage that produces knockouts. Seek and destroy type of slick boxer that likes to work at range with shots up the middle. Devastating right-hand puncher. One of the best jabs in boxing that is thrown more like a power punch. Jab, straight right, jab combinations is among the best salvos in the sport. Very solid chin. Experienced pro that knows how to make adjustments. Excellent finisher.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to body shots. Not much of an in-fighter. Left hook is average. Ordinary hand-speed. Might be a shade past his prime in terms of hunger at 35-years old. Fades late in fights.

Anthony Yarde – Boxer

Strengths: Massively built 28-year old 5’11” bomber at his physical peak. Looks for the knockout with crosses, hooks and uppercuts out of the gate. Fast hands from unusual angles puts foes on the defensive. Has displayed awesome power in both hands against limited opposition but the actual heaviness of his punch is still unknown. Knows how to switch up punch speed, volume and placement. Slick fighter that can shoulder roll and counterpunch. Durably built and has never been hurt in pro career. Gym rat that trains with vigor. Believes in power and is brimming with confidence having wiped out everyone he has faced.

Weaknesses: A little stiff because of his overly muscular frame. Stamina has not been tested. Chin has never been tagged by a legitimate puncher. Open for right-hands because of Philly shell stance. Does not throw a very punishing jab preferring to use the punch more as a range finder. Limited amateur career. Fights flatfooted too often.

ESPN2 News Boxing Predictions: Kovalev -200 boxing odds moneyline

Anthony Yarde Tale-Of-The-Tape

Power: 9

Hand Speed/Accuracy: 8

Stamina: 7

Defense: 7.5

Chin/Resiliency: 8

Punch Volume: 7

Jab: 6

Agility/Balance: 7

Bodypunching/In-Fight: 8


Sergey Kovalev Tale-Of-The-Tape


Power: 9

Hand Speed/Accuracy: 7.5

Stamina: 7.5

Defense: 8.5

Chin/Resiliency: 8

Punch Volume: 8

Jab: 9

Agility/Balance: 7

Bodypunching/In-Fight: 6


Height/Reach: –

Strength/Size: Yarde +1

Bodypunch Resiliency: Yarde +2

Intelligence: Kovalev +2

Confidence/Focus/Will To Win: –

Cuts/Injury/Age/Inactivity: Yarde +2

Judges Scoring: –

Trainer: –


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