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March 16th from Arlington, TX kings of the welterweight division Errol Spence and Mikey Garcia will exchange bombs for the I.B.F. and W.B.C. titles. Spence vs Garcia Odds have Garcia +285 with 65% of boxing predictions on Garcia, 39-0, 25 KO’s. Mikey Garcia, 31, is trying to claim one of the top spots on ESPN2 News’s boxing pound-4-pound rankings while currently be ranked #7 at welterweight. Errol “The Truth” Spence, 24-0, 21 KO’s, is currently #5 on the pound-4-pound boxing rankings at welterweight. Can the smaller Garcia take Spence’s bombs? Garcia is Spence’s biggest test to date but is he really as good as the hype? ESPN2 News breaks down the bombers with our expert Spence vs Garcia Predictions.

Spence vs Garcia Odds have Spence -500 moneyline

Mikey Garcia – Boxer

Strengths: Textbook boxer/puncher with no real weakness except a true welterweights physical frame. Fast hands, handspeed is very underrated. Extremely hard puncher with precise timing and accuracy. Defense is outstanding with eagle ring vision, perfect balance and subtle but effective head movement Applies pressure intelligently and relentlessly. Strong stamina due to ice cold composure and spartan-like training camp headed by his older brother as head trainer. Outstanding fundamental boxing technique with perfect hand positioning. Punishing jab that commands respect. Perfectly balanced with ability to cut off the ring and pin opponents on the ropes. Has every punch in the book and knows when to throw them. Thinking man’s fighter that makes in fight adjustments.

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Weaknesses: Not a natural welterweight. How will he react to a Spence body dig? Short 5’6″ and short-armed. Ordinary footspeed. Knows how to go to the body but not a brutal body puncher like traditional Mexican champions. Tends to be a slow starter.

Errol Spence – Boxer

Strengths: Southpaw pressure fighter with excellent overall boxing acumen. Physically imposing with a strength advantage over most opponents. One punch knockout in either meat cleaver keeps foes honest at all times. Well-balanced with tight hand placement on defense. Very instinctual with effective head movement, shoulder shimmy’s and parries. Devastating bodypuncher with excellent accuracy and punch placement. Sharp boxing brain with ability to fight at every range and make in-fight adjustments. Purple-hearted stamina as a result of a rigorous training camp with hundreds of sparring rounds. Despite his tremendous power “The Truth’s” ability to finish with a high killer instinct is on par with his heavy hands.

Weaknesses: Good hand-speed but not lighting quick. Can he keep up with Garcia’s fast hands and not load up in an effort to knock him out? Best fighters he has beaten were at a B+ level (Kell Brook and Lamont Peterson). Despite physical strength can be backed up with pressure as he was against Kell Brook.

Spence vs Garcia Predictions: Mikey Garcia +350 (2 UNITS)

Spence vs Garcia Prop Odds

Spence Jr: Points or Decision (+200)

– Spence Jr: KO/TKO (+105)

– Garcia: Points or Decision (+440)

– Garcia: KO/TKO (+1400)

Mikey Garcia vs Errol Spence Tale-Of-The-Tape


Power: 9/9.5

Hand Speed/Accuracy: 8.5/8

Stamina: 8/9

Defense: 8.5/8

Chin/Resiliency: 8/9

Punch Volume: 8/8

Jab: 8/8

Boxing Ability: 9/9

Agility/Balance: 7/8

Bodypunching/In-Fight: 7/9

Height: Spence +2

Strength/Size: Spence +3

Bodypunch Resiliency: Spence +1

Intelligence: Garcia +1

Confidence/Focus/Will To Win: –

Cuts/Injury/Age/Inactivity: Spence +1

Judges Scoring: Garcia +1

Trainer: Garcia +1

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